Welcome to Anlance Protection’s online reporting page presented by SilverTrac. With this Green Friendly software, Anlance Protection personnel in the field can receive and respond to security, maintenance and parking related issues by the use of a small mobile Android device or Tablet.

The Android device or Tablet combined with Anlance Protection provides security, parking and maintenance personnel with the exact details of a reported issue within moments of being reported. All reported issues are time stamped and assigned an automated ID number.

SilverTrac’s software allows Anlance Protection personnel and our Clients with approved access to view and monitor all reported issues, photographs, recorded audio files and text messages within minutes of being reported from any internet accessed PC. Anlance Protection personnel can track each handheld field user(s) GPS locations each time an issue is created from the field.

All this information is received in real-time and tracked through the online Anlance Protection “Issue Monitor”. All clients of Anlance Protection and authorized users now have the capability to view the online monitor from anywhere in the world with Internet access 24 hours a day.

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